Why A Career In SaaS? The Next Golden Career Path…

Why A Career In SaaS? The Next Golden Career Path…

SaaS(Software as a Service) is still a relatively new business model. However, this does not mean that it hasn’t provided remarkable results already. This business model earns hundreds of millions each and every year for many different companies around the globe. There’s no doubt that this model is beneficial for business owners, but what about the other employees? Is a career in SaaS a good career path to go with? Read on and find out!

Why a career in SaaS?

So, why have a career in SaaS? SaaS is an extremely fast growing business model that is used worldwide every single day. This ensures for a career that is future-proof, relevant and very rewarding. The income generated by SaaS focused companies is astounding, and this is also replicated for employees within the field. Especially within sales, the SaaS model of business can give amazing and life changing benefits and earnings.

So yes, a career in SaaS is extremely beneficial. It can be consistent, future-proof, rewarding and there are always opportunities to be taken. But, just because a career in this field is rewarding, that’s not to say that it should be the career for you. How do you know if a job role within SaaS will be the career path you should go for? This article explains and goes through everything that you would need to know before making such a big decision.

Why Would You Want To Work In SaaS?

If it’s not already clear yet, working in the area of SaaS can be very rewarding for many businesses and employees. There are many careers that are rewarding in this day in age though, so why should you pursue this one? There are many reasons why you would want to work with a business that provides some sort of SaaS model. Let’s take a more in-depth look…


If you didn’t already know, SaaS platforms for the majority, are cloud based systems that are easily accessed via search engine browsers. This provides for easy sign-in and access for its users. All they have to really do is load up the website, sign in and boom! 

But, what does any of this have to do with how future-proof a SaaS product is, or can be?

Well, to put it simply, we are in an age of people who have very short attention spans and are super lazy when browsing online. That’s not to say this is a bad thing though. The internet has aged well and improved over the years; so much so, that we expect nothing other than something instant when being online. 

The demand for quick, easy to use while also advanced systems on the web, is only going to grow stronger and stronger. People want to find the best of the best, and use it whenever they need to with no struggles at all!

SaaS provides exactly this. 

SaaS systems are built and designed to either fix or speed up the process of an everyday task, usually associated with office work. Office tasks are becoming more and more focused online, and pretty much every task of an office admin takes place on a computer. This means that there are going to be many employees and owners looking for ways to speed up and increase the workload over the coming years. 

As the level of speed and workload increases within these tasks, the SaaS systems will also improve to accommodate the demand.

A Rewarding Income

This would be one of the most important reasons why you would even consider taking a look at entering the field of SaaS. After all, if you are going to teach yourself and spend hours upon hours perfecting your knowledge on the subject, you will want to know how rewarding and worthwhile it all was. 

Worry not. The business model of SaaS can be very rewarding and beneficial. Whether you want to work within the development, data or sales side of business; SaaS job roles could earn you a pretty penny. Entry level jobs could expect their yearly salary to be as much as £35,000-40,000. Not bad right?

Well, once you get more experience and become even better at your job, you could receive as high as £75,000 a year. If that isn’t enough for you, then seriously consider a SaaS sales role which has commission included as well as a base salary which could be around £30-40k per annum. 

It should be clear enough now to see that the SaaS field of work can be extremely beneficial to not only business owners, but also the company’s employees!

The Most Rewarding SaaS Careers

You now know just how much you can earn from this field, you also know that its success is here to stand for a long time to come. But, where do you start? What role do you go for?

As with any career path, the starting point for you would be an entry level role with the average starting salary for the industry. However, you could get a few steps ahead if you are looking for a SaaS sales role and already have relevant sales experience. This pretty much counts for any other job role as well, but, it may be more difficult to get a more rewarding role due to the uniqueness of SaaS. It takes some understanding and experience to be able to work with it or sell it effectively. 

Now, with that being said, what are the most rewarding SaaS careers?

why a career in saas?

SaaS Sales Rep

Becoming a sales rep for any company in any industry can be extremely rewarding. Mix this with the benefits and rewarding incomes of SaaS, and you’ve got one heck of a career set out for you. 

If you’ve got a talent for selling and closing deals then this role is undoubtedly the one for you. With an industry average commission rate of 10%, along with an average salary of around £30,000; you can see how the finances can add up to be rewarding in your favour.

Job Responsibilities:

-Identifying a prospects needs (If the company doesn’t already have a sales development team which would already have done this)

-Track sales within a CRM system

-Communicate clearly and understand prospect’s pain points

-Sell the companies product to help fix, manage or speed up the process of the pain points

-Develop relationships with customers and prospects

-Maintain a healthy and promising pipeline

Disadvantages Of This Job Role

-Can be difficult to reach the numbers that your employer expects of you

-Can be difficult to close sales, depending on your experience and sales skills

why a career in saas

SaaS Sales Development Rep

If you are someone who struggles at the very last point of the sales process, and you just can’t seem to manage to close that deal; this job role is perfect for you. Sales development representatives main responsibility is to research and find potential prospects and simply educate them on the company and the product or service it is offering. 

If you enjoy friendly chat and educating people on your company’s products, this role is for you. The most important responsibility of this role is to listen to the prospect and truly get an understanding of what their pain points are. 

Job Responsibilities:

-Research, identify and qualify leads

-Maintain a list and pipeline of potential customers and clients

-Connect with prospects in a number of different ways

-Adjust your tone, formality and strategy for each and every prospect, due to differences in personalities

-Hand over interested and highly potential prospects to the sales team to close the deal

Disadvantages Of This Job Role

-You will get lots of people uninterested, as you are the first form of contact via cold calling or messaging on LinkedIn

-Can sometimes be disheartening and tiring

Is SaaS a good idea?

Absolutely. SaaS has built a foundation which stands strong, and will continue to do so for many years to come. These systems provide a more efficient and simpler way of doing tedious everyday office tasks, which is a heaven-sent for most businesses nowadays.

That makes it a good idea for the customers and users though. What about the people working within the industry? Well, we’ve already covered how amazing and rewarding this field of business can be. But, that doesn’t always mean you should pursue a career in it.

If you have no interest whatsoever in SaaS, then you’ll struggle to work with or sell it. Why work with something you can’t stand?

However, if SaaS systems interest you, then it is undoubtedly a good idea to work with it.

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