SaaS For A Masters

SaaS For A Masters

University is not the path for everyone, but whether you are deciding to enrol, having trouble choosing a course, or are even interested in what courses will help build a career in the SaaS industry, you are in the right place. 

University provides a variety of opportunities for an individual who is interested in a career in SaaS, since there are multiple courses that will help kick-start your career depending on the role that you desire. 

Whether it’s sales, software engineering, marketing or  product design, dedicating yourself to university, or even an apprenticeship, whatever path you take will benefit you in the long run. The experience and knowledge gained in the world of SaaS will make you stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs in the industry. 

As we all know, there is the cost to consider when going to University. Student loans are both easy to access and necessary for most, as they include both tuition fee loans and maintenance loans which are only paid after the completion of the course, and after you’ve hit a certain income banding when in full time or self employed work.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to pay for Univeristy directly, this does somewhat reduce the pressure on making this important choice, and the cost of University can vary (we will discuss this later in the article). However, you have to make the right choice for you

SaaS for a Masters 

Now that you know University is a viable option you can take to kick-start your career journey in SaaS. 

You may be thinking that there isn’t a master’s degree specifically related to or about SaaS..and there isn’t. 

However, there are many other subjects in different categories that link to the industry, such as Sales and Software Engineering, that could help obtain that dream SaaS job. 

So what courses are available to you? 

Here are three subjects, at master’s degree level, picked out by us: 

Sales management and marketing 

If you have the life goal to be an entrepreneur,  or if you’re a business professional who is aiming for a high-level management position in your field, this is the right course for you. 

At the London School of Business and Finance they offer a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing online in which you will study three core modules: strategic marketing and management, consumer behaviour and research, and marketing communications.

There are also three elective modules that you can choose from: digital marketing and social media, global marketing, luxury brand management, and sales management. 

Since the SaaS industry requires incredibly talented Sales staff we would strongly recommend that you pick sales management as an elective module: it will give you that extra edge when applying for roles with a SaaS company. 

In order to be considered for a course within this sector you will need to have an undergraduate degree (2.2 minimum) or equivalent. Other universities may vary, and could require a higher grade or more entry requirements. In addition, the course will require you to complete coursework and exams where you can showcase your understanding of the course. 

Software Engineering with Cloud Computing 

Currently there is a high demand for graduates within this sector. Therefore, if you are an individual with good knowledge of software engineering, and if you have a passion for designing software systems, coding and technology, a masters will help kick-start your SaaS career. 

Within the course you will learn a lot about system developments, cloud computing and big data. Cloud computing is crucial when it comes to Software as a Service, as it is a cloud application service. 

The benefits of enrolling in this master’s degree are that it will help develop skills in analysing, designing, and creating complex software systems which can solve real world problems. This course enables you to develop a strong understanding of the skills needed to succeed, and a solid education in the principles and ideas that underline complex software system development. 

Any applicants for this type of course will require at least a lower second-class honours degree or equivalent. It is also beneficial if you have previous experience in computing, especially programming languages such as Java or C#. 

The modules within this course are usually assessed through a combination of coursework and examination. However, some universities prefer to have coursework only. 

Cyber Security 

If you have a technical background, come prepared with an extremely good knowledge of computer science and security , and if you have the ambition to pursue a career in this sector, this is the right programme for you. 

This course best suits an individual who is seeking a tech-based career in a sector like SaaS who needs diligent cyber security experts. These roles could include network security, secure systems development and much more. 

So, what will you learn and what will the course involve? You will gain the understanding of the principles of cyber security, as well as acquire the knowledge of advanced topics such as: cryptography; and security management. 

Most courses will place particular emphasis on cyber security, security engineering, software development and programming.

There will be entry requirements that may differ at different universities, as there will be both standard and non-standard entry. For example, a non-standard entry being 2.2 honours in specific courses as well as experience in coding or C-programming/Python. 

There will be assessments by exams, and coursework.

Benefits of a Master’s Degree at university

You may be weighing up the benefits of the decision to continue higher education after you graduate. 

A master’s degree can further your education, and it’s a very useful qualification to have when considering a specialist career path. 

As we know, studying a master’s degree requires financial commitment and dedication to the course. So, if you are still wondering what the benefits of continuing higher education are, here are the top key advantages:

  1. Become a specialist in your sector 

It is most likely that your most recent studies have given you a strong foundation of knowledge in a variety of subjects which will help with the transfer to a master’s degree. However, a Master’s degree will provide you with a one in a lifetime opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge of your topic/sector of interest. 

The completion of a Master’s degree will give you uniqueness when applying for future roles in the SaaS Industry and help make you stand out from other applicants. This is due to it both being one of the highest levels of education you can reach, and also it underlines your dedication to your field of study. Employers will see you as a very strong candidate.

  1. Further develop your career possibilities 

In today’s tech and specialist sales world, businesses are looking for individuals who have a Master’s degree.  They want the best employee they can find out of all applicants. The experience, skills and qualification you gain from a master’s programme will ensure that your CV will stand out, and you will be given more careful consideration when they review your application. 

Furthermore, it is proven that continuing further education (Master’s degree) increases the probability of you getting a highly skilled job. Research determines that 78% of postgraduates are in work within 6 months, meaning you are more likely to be in work compared to undergraduates (who’s employment stats sit at 66% in the same time frame)

  1. Higher earning potential 

Another factor that will benefit you and is one of the main factors that drives individuals to pursue a Master’s degree is the opportunity of earning more money in a future job. 

Postgraduate study will help make the process of progressing through your field of work much quicker, as a Master’s degree can improve both your career progression and earning capacity. For example, the average salary of a Masters postgraduate is £46,000 compared to the average graduate being £27,000 at the start of your career. 

  1. Personal development 

The last benefit of completing a Master’s degree at university is the personal development that you can obtain. Getting a Masters is a sign of dedication, commitment, a willingness to push yourself and a love of what you do. It can help with any issues such as confidence and independence, which are hugely important skills that will be needed in your future career and in general life. 

University Cost

The cost of university is a factor that you cannot dismiss. It may even be the single reason why  you do, or don’t do, a Masters. As previously mentioned there are tuition fees which are charged by universities which cover key elements of your course and academic life. 

Tuition fees cover a few of the following: 

  • Lectures, seminars, and tutorials
  • Course admin costs
  • Access to course-related facilities and equipment 
  • Access to campus libraries and computer rooms
  • Support services for students
  • Student union membership
  • Field trips essential for completion of your course 
  • Graduation ceremony

Universities in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland can charge you up to £9,250 a year for your tuition. These costs do not need to be paid up front, unless you have the funds to do so.

So, what financial help can you receive? Student loans include a tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan to help with your living costs. 

  • Tuition fee loans will help cover the full cost of the course you choose. They are paid directly to the course. The cost of the course will have to be paid back after the completion of the course, when you are earning above a certain amount a year (£19,895 per year)
  • Maintenance loans are also available to you. Money will be received at the start of each term. The amount received will be determined by your household income, where you study, the location of your household and the amount of time living there. 

Wrapping Up 

So, what have we learned? 

We now understand that there are a variety of different courses available to suit the sector of work that you desire. 

It is evident that there are many benefits to each of the courses which will help you as an individual, and to push for that dream career in your mind. A master’s degree will give you that level of uniqueness when applying for future roles in a SaaS company, giving you more of an opportunity to obtain that dream job.

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