How Do I Get Experience in SaaS?

How Do I Get Experience in SaaS?

You may want to start a career in SaaS, but you probably have no idea of where to start or how to get experience, right? 

You may think that breaking into the industry of technology is complicated, as when thinking about tech, your thoughts tend go straight to coding and advanced computer languages that you may not understand. But, in truth there is always a role in SaaS for you. Whether that being a sales rep or part of the development team. 

So then, how exactly do you gain experience in SaaS? When wanting to start in the field of SaaS, research is crucial. Research will enable you to build your first layer of a solid foundation, which will then help you to dive more into the SaaS industry. The more time and effort you put into your research, the further you will develop your knowledge; making you a valuable asset. 

Gaining experience may seem hard overall, but with your time and effort you can become just as knowledgeable as someone who already works in the industry. In this article we will look at other methods to obtain experience in SaaS, and how you can create a future career in the SaaS industry.            

The Top 3 Ways to Get Experience in SaaS

So, we now know that anyone can pursue a career in the SaaS industry. However, what we need to know, is what is the most successful ways to gain experience in the SaaS industry?

As previously stated, research is the first key step to creating the first foundation of knowledge, which then enables you to prepare yourself for the next step where you will be expanding your knowledge & experience even further. Although you have researched SaaS, you will not know the ins and outs of the industry as there is so much more to learn!

Here are our top 3 methods of getting your foot in the door.

Get A Job/Experience in The Industry

It may not be as simple as it sounds, but there is no better way to gain experience than having a role in a SaaS business. This can be seen as on-the-job training since you will be learning while working at the same time. Being part of the sales team or even the development team will provide anyone with a full insight of the real world of SaaS. 

Physically being able to work with clients and customers face to face or over the phone, will give you the specific knowledge of their needs and wants. Further, allowing you to understand what a SaaS company is expected to provide to its potential customers. 

Even the choice of work experience is another way to begin your journey towards gaining experience in SaaS, as you may be able to learn from shadowing employees and helping with tasks at a SaaS business. In fact, this is the most effective and efficient way of gaining experience. This is because it won’t cost the employer a thing and they are getting free work labour, while you gain the experience you need to succeed. 

Take A Course

Online courses and Offline courses are available for you to attend. You will be able to learn and develop your skills and knowledge in the industry of SaaS via in-depth courses created by professionals of the field. 

Being committed and taking a course whether it is a 4-week course or a 96-week course, they will give you the valuable knowledge that is needed. This is since the courses will cover a variety of topics. The longer the length of the course will determine the amount of content you can learn as it will be more. 

Completing a course is very beneficial as you will have full support from individuals such as teachers and professionals who have experience in SaaS. You will be able to learn from their past experiences and use it to your benefit. Therefore, assisting you in making the right decisions and directing you on the right path. 

Attend Webinars and Workshops 

Attending online webinars and workshops is another great way to get all of the information you need about the world of SaaS. They are easily joinable as all you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection. So, no cost is really needed. 

The webinars and workshops will allow you to interact with important members of a SaaS company. Having the privilege of interacting with these individuals on a video call, will allow you to get specific information you may want and need. You will be able to learn the ins and outs from a team member’s perspective, as well as being able to ask any questions you may have.

Participating will give you a taste of the world of SaaS and the lifestyle of being an employee within a SaaS company. 

What Roles Are in SaaS?

As previously mentioned, there are a variety of roles within the SaaS industry to be discovered, whether you are a tech guru, a creative marketer or a skilled salesperson.  

A SaaS sales role’s main focus is acquiring new customers and retaining current clients. Due to being a sales spokesman for SaaS software you will need to be fluent with technology, meaning that you need to have knowledge of using and discussing the technology you are trying to sell. As well as knowing your target audience inside out in order to be a successful sales rep. A solutions engineer is another role available which is more technical as you would utilise advanced technology to the companies benefit. 

The last role to be mentioned is a digital marketer. This role is an option for individuals who may want a creative role where they can use marketing methods to attract new customers and overall build awareness of a SaaS company. 

Salary/benefits of Working in SaaS

Salaries in SaaS roles can vary depending on your position within the business, as it would with any other job in the world. The average salary for a SaaS sales rep is around £28,000 in the UK. However, some company’s base salary may vary and start-ups may receive less, but they are still well paid despite this. The sales role comes with the benefit of earning commission. Sales commission is additional compensation that staff can earn by meeting sales goals. Therefore, the more you sell the more money you can potentially earn, increasing your base salary. Furthermore, senior members  of staff will earn a higher salary of around £50,000-£70,000, or potentially even more depending on how high their position is within the company. 

How Can You Jumpstart a SaaS Career?

Now it is time to jumpstart your career. Once you have attained the experience needed to be successful within a SaaS career, start your job search. There are many different sites available for you to use to help find your next position, as well as plenty of roles to be obtained. The world of SaaS is rapidly growing, making the demand for employees within different sectors of the business so much bigger. Search for the job role that best suits you and take the next step in your career. Ensure that you have a CV ready to send to employers, which will help showcase your qualifications and skills, as well as express your interest in SaaS roles. 

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